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Here you can find all the beers that the Ferry Boat offers...

FBI Bitter

This is Otter bitter which they have kindly produced our own pump clip now known as FBI bitter.  ABV 3.6%

FBI bitter is our 'session' beer. We understand the importance of keeping those customers who prefer lower gravity beer satisfied - FBI bitter does just that.

It is a beautifully light and fruity beer with good hoppy bitterness.  It leaves a refreshing bitterness which prompts the next gulp.  A wonderful, old fashioned,
'session' beer. Brewed for drinking with no frills.

Otter Amber

Otter Amber ABV 4.0%

The special Cara malt and carefully selected hops in Amber deliver a finely balanced bitter flavour, with hints of tropical fruit and spice sometimes even an impression of ginger. Light in colour which makes it a great summer drink.

Sharps Doom Bar

Sharps Doom Bar ABV 4.0%

A great darker & slightly sweeter beer being the number 1 cask seller in the UK

Guest Bitter

We change these on a regular basis and always try to use westcountry brewers and recently have had Bays Topsail and Exmoor's bitter.